Senior Services

Gracefully Placed Relocation Services provides supervision and coordination of the following services:

  • PREPARATION - free first visit to your home for evaluation of individualized needs and wishes. List a plan of action to accomplish our mutually agreed upon goals to move.

  • ACCOMMODATION - coordinate a realtor, auctioneer, estate sale planner, moving company, storage facility, packers and unpackers.

  • SEPARATION - sort and label your belongings for what to keep for new home, sell, donate, dispose of or give to family and friends.  Notify post office, family and friends of your new address.

  • TRANSPORTATION - supervise the moving company for careful packing, unpacking, loading and unloading.

  • INSTALLATION - oversee unpacking to correct cabinets, rooms etc.

  • COMPLETION - coordinate a cleaner for previous house. Ensure comfort and that your belongings are      "Gracefully Placed"

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